We offer our customers qualified support for development, testing, production and sales of high quality and safe transportation systems using the current techniques of safety and reliability analysis.




We offer a comprehensive monitoring of all steps described in the newly published ISO 26262 in the scope of vehicle development. Our focus is on the support during the design phase of the project, to identify potential weaknesses in the system as early as possible. We provide inter alia:

  • Conduction of workshops
  • Preparation of FMEAs
  • Conduction of hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Creation of a functional and technical safety concept
  • Derivation of safety requirements for hardware and software



On base of the directive 2004/49/EG  (2008/110/EG) all European railway companies are obligated to adopt and implement a safety management system. We support you with our experience and our extensive network to build these systems.  

In addition, we offer the following services in the scope of railways:

  • Optimization of the train disposition
  • Project-related assistance in the implementation of the CENELEC standards and the SIRF in the early stages of development
    • DIN EN 50126
    • DIN EN 50128
    • DIN EN 50129
    • SIRF


Due the possibility of cross-industry use of the methods for the security and reliability analysis our services is not limited to the transportation sector. We also conduct safety and reliability analysis for other technical systems. Our frequently employed techniques are inter alia:



Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Fault Tree Analysis Reliability Block Diagram Petrinets-Analysis
DIN EN 60812 DIN EN 61025 DIN EN 61078 DIN IEC 62551


Of course, we also offer services around our products.


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